The Holy Spirit Window


This window is my visual interpretation of the Holy Spirit. The hands represent the protecting, comforting support which guides us throughout life's journey. The colours radiating from the hands symbolise the breadth of God's creation"

Project Stages

Template Design

Glass Art Template Design for Project

Templates are created in full size dimensions to accurately map out each pieces position and design.

Glass Cutting

Paul Kelly Glass Cutting Artist

The central feature representing the hands is created using individual pieces of hand cut glass to outline and enhance the detail.

Creating Colour

Creating colour with frit

Placing glass frit to create texture and colour for each of the 32 pieces which together created the final installation.


Fusing the centre piece in the kiln

Final pieces of the installation in the Kiln ready for fusing.

Insulated Units

Insulated Glass Units created using glass art

Insulated Glass Units were created using the glass art pieces and laminated glass which provided the required acoustic and safety requirements of the project.


Attention to detail on final installation

Final installation and checking by the oak house team.