Paul Kelly - Artist


Paul Kelly moved to England in 2006 from Dublin where he spent all of his formative years. With over twenty years experience in art glass from Tiffany and Lead to fused glass, he is recognised as having a unique accuracy in his hand glass cutting.

His talent in cutting glass has produced some contempary and bespoke pieces of glass art, ranging from some practical products such as windows and art hangings, to some more unusual interpretations of Picasso in glass as part of his sculpture work.


Oak House Studio is situated in Paul's own garden surrounded by greenery and wildlife.  Paul has found his medium in fused glass where he expresses his much more eclectic and original designs in tune with his love of all nature.


Paul combines all of his previous experiences to capture a sense of beauty that is within all life. He creates work that is both small and large but is reflective to the need or purpose of the art required without losing the essence of his desire to provide an individual response to the people he works with.